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We recognise that girls' needs differ and change as they mature and that girls themselves are uniquely positioned to 'sell' PE and sport to other girls.
How we work - Solutions - Girls Active

Funded by Sport England, in partnership with This Girl Can and Women in Sport, Girls Active offers a simple flexible action planning framework to help teachers and girls work together to address their individual needs. The main objective of Girls Active is to help teachers and teenage girls understand what motivates them to take part in PE and sport; developing an action plan based on their feedback on how it should be delivered. In addition, we help some of the girls to become role models within their school, setting up leadership groups which focus on how they could make PE and physical activity more appealing to their peers.

The 2010 PE and School Sport Survey of schools in England showed an alarming drop in participation as girls become teenagers. Only 15% of girls aged 17-18 years took part in at least three hours of PE and school sport each week, compared to 68% of girls aged 10-11 years. By 14, just over 10% of girls achieved the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day. In order to address this alarming reality, we developed Girls Active as the result of our work with 20 schools through a 12-month pilot aimed at tackling the negative attitudes that girls have towards their body image, improve their attitude towards PE, and to work with schools to make sport more relevant to girls' lives. 

How can my school get involved? 

You can become part of the Girls Active network by following these simple steps. You will then receive regular updates about further training and opportunities to support girls in physical education and school sport.

  1. Schools can access a self-review to benchmark their work with girls
  2. Agree three actions to help drive a difference for girls and submit your pledges
  3.  Register your interest below
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We will shortly be recruiting new schools for the Girls Active programme in mid-September. If you are interested in this, or any future training opportunities, please register your interest.

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