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Inclusion Schools

YST Inclusion Schools
Making a real difference for young people with Special Educational Needs/Disability (SEND) in school sport.
How we work - Solutions - Project Ability

Andrea Curtis, Head Teacher, Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School, Towcester

This has had such a positive impact on the individual students involved that we have now established a weekly club to continue to offer the varied opportunities. It has enabled us to celebrate the achievements of students that might not otherwise get the opportunity to compete in sports events. The effect on self-esteem has been profound for these individuals representing their school or district and receiving awards in assemblies.   

A network of 60 YST lead Inclusion Schools from across England have been established, each selected for their recognised expertise in engaging young people with Special Educational Needs/Disability (SEND) to participate, compete and lead through PE and School Sport.

They are Inclusion Champions and are visionaries for what high quality, meaningful and inclusive PE and School Sport should look like for every child.

These lead YST Inclusion Schools provide and organise CPD and practical sessions for any interested school work force in their county to help to empower people to be more inclusive in their practice.

Through the School Games specific programme, termed ‘Project Ability’, the lead YST Inclusion Schools are empowering people to be more inclusive and make a real difference for young people with SEND in school sport, especially with meaningful competition and competition pathways.

Through a range of innovative interventions and activities, the lead YST Inclusion Schools also support young people (including those who have a SEND) to lead the way – raising their aspirations and providing inclusive leadership opportunities.

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Gary Grieve
Project Officer - Inclusion and diversity
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