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Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering (LCV)

At the Youth Sport Trust we believe passionately about the benefits of leadership for every young person, as well as recognise the crucial and beneficial role young people play in delivering school and community sport opportunities for others.
How we work - Networking - Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering

The leadership ladder aims to outline the leadership journey for young people:

The leadership learning experience can take place through primary, secondary, FE and HE settings as well as in the community, at both a national and local level. Within each stage of the ladder, we aim to outline the learning outcomes, training opportunities and deployment opportunities.

With the above elements outlined through the downloadable document SGO's, teachers and those involved in school and community sport will be supported to identify gaps in their leadership provision as well as sign post young people to the appropriate next step.

The leadership journey is not always linear, and through different roles and opportunities young people will move between the steps but continue to develop their skills in a broad range of settings.

The important outcome of this journey is that a young person can articulate the skills they have developed and understand the opportunities and next steps, to support them doing this they can access the Lead 2 Employability website. 

We are keen to hear as many stories about young people learning to and leading in PE and school sport, please share any stories by tweeting @YouthSportTrust and using #Care2Lead