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My Personal Best

YST My Personal Best
A pilot study focused on using the secondary curriculum PE to teach young people vital character traits like creativity, aspiration, resilience and empathy.
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Informed by investigative research conducted by the TOP Foundation, the Youth Sport Trust worked with 25 schools reaching over 5000 young people from three academy trusts to develop a nationally replicable approach to character development. The 12-month pilot granted funded by the DfE in 2015/16 used secondary curriculum PE to teach young people vital character traits including resilience, responsibility, self motivation, collaboration and empathy that will help them to succeed in education, the world of work and life.

The approach is called My Personal Best (My PB) - Life-skilled through PE, and this has been a timely opportunity to inform and shape government policy in character education.

How does the programme work?

Through professional training, resources (the My PB Pack) and follow up support, all members of a PE teaching team reflect upon, challenge and refresh their own practice. Each teacher then takes an action research style approach to reposition the purpose of PE, embedding the My PB approach with a focus on the experience being more relevant to all young adolescents today.

How has the programme been implemented?

The pilot schools investigated how feasible it was to

  • Build the capacity of teachers to integrate character education explicitly into their planning and teaching
  • Enable young people to experience, articulate and improve their character traits in PE and apply them in their personal lives.
What has the impact been so far?

As a result of delivering the My PB approach teachers have demonstrated a shift in practice from the start of the pilot, reflecting positively upon the desired teacher outcomes. For example 79% have greater knowledge of how to explicitly develop learners’ life skills in and through PE and 77% were more motivated to improve delivery of PE and physical activity.

Teachers identified a number of changes they have seen in their pupils as a result of taking part in My PB. These included improved skills, behaviours, more positive engagement, greater responsibility and an increase in pupils articulating life skills in their learning and other contexts beyond PE.

Over 80% of the pupils surveyed told us that their understanding of how PE can help them to develop their life skills had improved. 64% improved their confidence in leading or influencing other young people and 63% improved their ability to appreciate how other people are feeling.

Since the pilot we have worked with over 60 additional schools across the country so for further information on how you can get involved please contact:

How do I access the My Personal Best programme?

Unfortunately we currently do not have any My Personal Best training planned for the remaining academic year. However, please register your interest with us via the My Personal Best email below and we will be in touch if any training dates are confirmed. In the register of interest email, please complete the below information:

  • Your name and email
  • Your school name and postcode
  • Any specific details regarding the My Personal Best programme you are particularly interested in 
For further information, please contact:

My Personal Best Team

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