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High quality PE and sport can be used as a powerful tool to improve our nations' health, education and sporting prospects.
About us - Policy
Our Mission

We are committed to building a brighter future for young people through physical education and sport. We do this by creating understanding and support for our work through political relations, corporate communications and media relations.

Regular meetings with ministers and senior civil servants from the departments of health, education and culture media and sport, as well as our seat on the Ministerial Board for PE and school sport, allows the Youth Sport Trust to communicate its mission to the leading policy-makers in the landscape. Engagement with the breadth of MPs, ministers, peers and civil servants, across the political spectrum, helps the Youth Sport Trust to maintain and build strong relationships and a cross-party understanding of our work.

High quality PE and sport in schools is something that has huge benefits to the whole school. For more information about the impact of our work please see the Our Impact section.

Our Manifesto

In time for the 2015 General Election, we launched our own manifesto - Unlocking Potential: A manifesto for PE and School Sport.

It asks for action in three key areas:

  1. Education: More time for higher quality PE to ensure all children are physically literate and can move competently and confidently.
  2. Health: Physical activity opportunities embedded into every school day to ensure every child has the opportunity to live a healthy active lifestyle.
  3. Sport: Sustained competitive sport in schools to ensure sport remains at the heart of a young person's life. 

For more information, you can view the full Manifesto or a short summary of our recommendations.

A New Strategy for Sport: Our Response

The Youth Sport Trust welcomed the Government's Consultation Paper - A New Strategy for Sport and the response we developed, informed by discussion with our key partners and with their endorsement, has been submitted to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Underpinning our response is the belief that young people's participation should be the essential foundation on which all other outcomes are built upon, and that PE, physical activity and school sport must deliver three things for all young people:

  • Physical literacy to ensure young people are confident movers
  • Instil a love of sport based on a broad experience of participation, leading and volunteering in traditional and non-traditional sports
  • Ensure an understanding of the value of physical activity and sport throughout life.

You can read our Head of External Relation's, Phil Chamberlain’s, blog on the new sport strategy here.

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