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Virgin Money London Marathon 2017

Meet some of the fantastic people running in aid of the Youth Sport Trust at the 2017 London Marathon.

Angling and PatriciaNames: Angling Tilarsih and Patricia Heny

Why are you running the London Marathon?

Patricia: It’s one of my dreams, to run a world major marathon, and London is a beautiful city. 

Why did you choose YST as your charity?

Angling: YST use the unique power of sports to bring hope to young people living in adversity around the world. This aligns with my vision to help all young generation providing better life through sports and support them to be their best.

Patricia: YST opens the opportunity for our future leaders to grow in body, mind and spirit.

A fun fact about you:

Angling: I am a cheerful person that loves to be part and support my local community through farming programmes. 

Patricia: Running makes me happier, healthier and be connected to people across the country.

Click here to sponsor Angling and Patricia, and you can follow their progress on Twitter @dynamic2motion

Jennie JordanName: Jennie Jordan

Why are you running the London Marathon?

The London Marathon has been a bucket list challenge since discussing it with my Dad 20 years ago, when I decided that I didn't have the dedication or passion to pursue being a professional  athlete. Dad was my biggest supporter and he passed away when I was 21. I always vowed to complete it. This will be my Olympic Medal for my Dad and a lifetime achievement.  

Why did you choose YST as your charity?

YST is a charity I fully support and I wouldn't want to run for anyone else. PE and sport gave me so many opportunities as a young person, a great outlet in life, many memories and life skills. It should be an experience all young people have the choice to access.

A fun fact about you:

I hold two Guinness World Records...

  • The most people on space hoppers
  • The largest human logo (London 2012 Olympics logo)

Click here to sponsor Jennie, and you can follow her progress on Twitter @JennieJordan

Hannah BrownName: Hannah Brown

Why are you running the London Marathon?

I'd always wanted to run one Marathon (but now I have the bug)! 2012 was a great year of sport, and the London 2012 Olympics got me off my backside and inspired me to get on with it and enter a marathon for 2013. So... fast forward four years, I've completed countless half marathons, and this will be my fourth marathon!

Why did you choose YST as your charity?

They do amazing work with young people to encourage and inspire the children to get involved in sport, developing a passion in sport that I wish was available when I was a child. Who knows - I could've been a great Olympian ;) I'll have to settle for marathon runner!

A fun fact about you:

I’m on a journey to do the World Marathon Majors - two down, four to go!

Click here to sponsor Hannah, and you can follow her progress on Twitter @RunHannahMayRun

Gareth WarwickName: Gareth Warwick

Why are you running the London Marathon?

I have always been a physical and active person. With my job as a PE teacher I have always wanted to try and inspire children to be active. As a personal challenge as well as showing the school children what they can achieve in any sport. It also the challenges of the training with that overall goal to complete the London marathon that I really enjoy have wanted to do for many years now. 

Why did you choose YST as your charity?

The school I work in are in partnership with YST as a result I see and know how important they are to the community, the school to give children the opportunities to play sport and be active. They also give facilities, equipment; kits to clubs/schools who cant afford to supply those things. 

A fun fact about you:

I have always said I wanted to do it before my 30th birthday, and with my 29th birthday on 20 April, time is running out.

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Preena DivechaName: Preena Divecha

Why are you running the London Marathon?

I was never into any sports as a child, but the London Marathon has always been a race that amazes and inspires me. The London Marathon is my very own final at the Olympics. 

Why did you choose YST as your charity?

Teaching young people the importance of exercise and staying healthy is very important to me, as a person and a childcare professional. I have always wanted to enable to be their healthiest and strongest self through being active. I feel that YST is the charity that best suits this passion of mine. 

Click here to sponsor Preena, and you can follow her progress on Twitter @Pdivecha93

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