Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

Applications have now closed for the 2018 London Marathon - come back shortly to meet the team!

Applications have now closed for the 2018 London Marathon - come back shortly to meet the team!

The opportunities provided by the YST are so unique I doubt I would have been given these elsewhere. I feel that the skills I have learnt through the Disability Mentor programme have enhanced my aspirations and will assist me in getting a job in the future. Thank you!

Daniel — YST beneficiary  

Case study: Running the marathon for Youth Sport Trust was ‘tons of fun’ 

Self proclaimed ‘6 foot 7 lanky, fun-loving guy’ Matty Lynch raised more than £2,000 when he ran for the Youth Sport Trust (YST) last year.The full-time tennis coach decided to take up a YST marathon place and fundraise to make a difference to young people’s lives through the power of sport and PE. He said:

I had run the marathon the year before for Mind and have done many fundraising events in the past, but running for the Youth Sport Trust was tons of fun.

I would 100% do it again! One of my best memories was the actual day itself - it was unbelievable. The support was great and even with an injury I was super happy with my time. One of my highlights was running along and catching a Haribo in my mouth thrown from the crowd to a massive cheer – and also being given a pink plastic guitar by a kid as my hair was down, towards the end of the marathon they played Bohemian Rhapsody right when the guitar bit comes in!! My picture is now being used on this year’s website!

Matty held a number of tennis-themed fundraising events including a wooden racquets match, mini tennis, and an exhibition match with Dominic Inglot and Marcus Willis. 

Matty's top tips for anyone looking to run for the Youth Sport Trust are: 
  • Be organised, don't be afraid to post and repost your page and email and text it out.
  • Do a few little events that play to your strengths ... music, sport, comedy. People will muck in and help (that's what charity is all about).
  • Train!! Train hard and don't think you can do this without getting the hours into your legs.
  • Have fun and it will be the most rewarding experience you have.